Leather Goods

We’re Showing Our Stuff All Over

If you’re looking for great things to buy, we’ve got you covered. Leather goods fair is an amazing fair, traveling all over the world, showing the best leather materials that you can imagine. From leather jakets to leather walets or even leather books. We’ve got anything and everything that you can just imagine! Buyers and sellers com from all over the worls, in order to buy  and sell cheap and expensive materials. This unique fair has shown in europe places like France, Italy and Germany.

We highly urge you to come and enjoy this uplifting experience and find the best product for you.

Here is part of an interview with one of Israels best Cpa in Hadera.

“I Manage many accounts of customers who work with murchants that buy and sell leather goods. From what I’ve seen, this fair Is by far one of thw best of its kind…”

leather goods fair

Upcoming fairs

ISRAEL  September 22-26 , 2018 leather fair this coming new year! The first fair will be taking place at Spa in the Sharon area. Visitors will be provided with free coffee and cake all day. Also special Moshav Lawyer exhibition